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Green Vegetables


Green Leaf Salad     GF,  Vegan

A variety of salad leaves & herbs, served with classic french dressing.
Double Dauphinoise    GF
Rich, creamy layers of sliced white & sweet potatoes with a parmesan crust.
Sweet Potato Wedges  GF,  DF, VeganPaprika-roasted, sweet potatoes - a reduced carbohydrate alternative.
Cauliflower Cheese & Crumbs  
Creamy, cheese-coated cauliflower topped with chunky white croutons.

Roasted New Potatoes    GF,  DF, Vegan
Baby new potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary.
Selection of Vegetables  GF
New potatoes with seasonal vegetables blanched, buttered & ready to heat.

Casablanca Couscous   GF,  DF, Vegan
Fluffy couscous with a dash of olive oil, raisins, spring onions & flaked almonds.

Roasted Root Vegetables   GF, DF, Vegan 
Garlic roasted root vegetables: red onions, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and squash.
Potato Mash   GF
Buttery potato mash.
Fragrant Rice    GF,  DF, Vegan
Basmati rice with a hint of colourful turmeric - perfect with our aromatic curries.
The above side dishes all £3.00 per person
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables    GF,  DF, Vegan
Balsamic & garlic-roasted red and yellow peppers, courgettes, red onions and aubergine.    £3.75 Per person
Quinoa Salad with Beetroot, Orange & Feta    GF
Colourful and refreshing - a winter or summer salad with plenty of taste.  £3.75 Per person
Part baked Bread Rolls. Two rolls £2.50    
Pitta Bread.  Six pittas £2.50    
Naan Bread.
Two naan Bread £2.95  
All our side dishes have a minimum order of 8 per dish.

Accompaniments For our Delicious Puddings
Double Cream 300ml   £3.00
Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Litre £6.00  
Fresh Custard 500g   £5.00
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