Delicious, Home-Cooked Food, Delivered to You in the Peak District

Main Courses - Centre Stage

Luxury Fish Pie

Salmon and smoked fish with prawns, in a creamy dill and parsley sauce, with a smooth, buttery potato mash. £7.00 pp


Steak & Thornbridge Ale Pie

Peak District beef, mushrooms and Thornbridge Ale, topped with crispy puff pastry. A champion of pies.  £6.50 pp


Morrocan Lamb Tagine  G/F, D/F

Tender local lamb, slowly cooked in Morrocan spices & sweet honeyed apricots, lovely with our couscous. £7.25 pp


Lasagne - like Dionne's Italian Great Grandmother used to make

Rich local beef and tomato & basil ragu layered with pasta, bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese topping. £6.25 pp


Aromatic Chicken Masala Curry   G/F, D/F

Chicken, with fenugreek & coriander seeds, turmeric, chillies & ginger  in a creamy, fairly fiery coconut milk. £6.00 pp


Scoff's Spicy Lamb Curry  G/F, D/F

Fragrant cumin, fennel seeds and fenugreek-spiced local lamb, marinated and slowly cooked in a hot curry sauce. £7.25 pp


Smoked Haddock Florentine

Layers of crispy filo pastry topping a silky spinach and rich, creamy smoked haddock base. £7.00 pp  


Rich Beef Daube D/F, gluten free on request

Porcini mushrooms and local diced beef steak with shallots & olives in a rich red wine sauce. £6.50 pp


Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pie

Delicious chicken with Peak Park bacon & leeks, nestled under a puff pastry crust. £6.25 pp


Family Classic Cottage Pie   G/F

Children & adults favourite alike; cheesy-topped, fluffy mash over a delicious, Derbyshire beef mince. £6.00 pp


Spanish Sausage Casserole  G/F, D/F

A rich, hearty tomato & basil, local sausage casserole. Great with cheesy mash from our side dishes. £6.00 pp


Chicken Chasseur  D/F, gluten free on request

A lovely French, chicken casserole with mushrooms and shallots in a rich tomato and white wine sauce. £6.00pp


T0mato & Meatball  Stroganoff   G/F, D/F

Homemade beef meatballs in a creamy tomato sauce; great with mashed potato, and a winner for all the family £6.00 pp





















Each dish has a minimum order of  8.

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